Birchbox {June 2018} …

I was super excited to get my June Birchbox, as it was a special edition for their 5th birthday. They had shared on Instagram the cutest keepsake tin and featured an additional 6th item. These little boxes of treats arrive once a month through the letter box and I love them. As I have mentioned before they are my little self-care aid, and for £10 plus postage they cost less than one lunch date. Want to know what I got? Keep on reading to see.

Firstly there is of course the gorgeous tin with the prettiest blue rose design on it. I have no idea what I am going to keep in there. Part of me wants to catalogue my fruity tea bags in there.

Birchbox June 2018

Birchbox June review

The Keepsake Tin

Like I said the tin is lovely, square which is handy and deep enough to stash a whole heap of goodies in there. I am seriously considering put my tea bags in there for work, as it would look super cute in my office and mean I can have more than just peppermint tea throughout the day. What would you keep in yours?

Ella Eden Compact Eyeshadow – Faith

This eyeshadow compact was one I got to pick which colour I wanted. I chose Faith as I could see its potential for being ideal in my crease. And I wasn’t wrong. The colour has a slight golden amber colour to it, and looks lovely in the crease or across the whole lid. I have worn it a couple of times now both in the day time and in the evening. It is buildable meaning you can tailor it day or evening looks, and makes for a very beautiful smokey eye that isn’t too heavy.

The POREfessional Pearl Primer

This sample size primer is silky smooth to apply, and gives just a hint of pearly pink sheen to skin, making it ideal for subtle highlighting. I am not a huge fan of foundations, mainly because I haven’t one I likes yet, but I do like to eliminate the visibility of my pores, especially beneath my eyes and down my nose! This pearly primer is perfect with or without foundation, and I have worn it mostly without. It has a matt finish, and helps to give a soft sheen on my skin instead of a an oily faced look which I usually get from other highlighters. If subtle and pore minimising is what you are after I would highly recommend this, and I would definitely get the full size version. Although even the sample size lasts a while as little goes a very long way!

Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray

This little bottle of spray is like a Swiss army knife for blow dries! It is great for providing a bit of oomph to fine hair, creating volume and providing much needed heat protection too. This nourishing spray can also be used to revamp a style too, so even if your hair is dry you can give it a little spritz and restyle with either straighteners or a curling tongue. It smells lovely too, which is another bonus! I will say that because the product offers some light hold you will feel it on your hair, but that’s no different than using a hair spray or mousse to be honest.

Polaar Velvety Sun Fluid Face & Body SPF30

This is a lovely lightweight sun cream. I have put it in my daughter’s toiletries bag ready for her trip to Berlin in a few weeks’ time. It doesn’t feel greasy either, so you could easily put makeup over the top. I have used it a few times before handing it over begrudgingly, and I miss it already! Shoving the kids factor 50 on my face isn’t really cutting it, and I feel slimy all day so I am going to grab a full size for myself I think.

Number 4 Jour D’Automme Smoothing Balm

I was dubious about this smooting balm because I have tried so many in the past that have weighed my hair down and made it feel really greasy. That is not what you need when you have wavy fine hair. I tried it on dry freshly straightened hair, I used a petit pois size amount, just to help tame the fly aways and it seemed to do the trick. I then tried it on damp hair so I could leave my hair to dry naturally without going frizzy. I used about a 5 pence piece amount and ran it through my hair. It worked so well, my hair dried into soft waves with no frizz. Where previously I have had to wash my hair daily when using a product of this kind I managed to get 2 days before it needed washing again. Winner winner right there as I try to limit the amounts of washes in a week and hate using dry shampoo. The other attractive part for getting the full size version is that it has a pump on it, and so one pump would do my shoulder length hair easily. Meaning even at £24.50 it would last me ages!

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Bags – Bonus Birthday Gift

I love tea. My absolute favourite is peppermint tea, which I drink to help with my belly wobbles (IBSers will be feeling me). My Husband loves an Earl Grey with a slice of lemon and well I will give pretty much any fruit tea a go once.  The Mango & Bergamont was a bit underwhelming to be honest. Whilst the scent was lovely the flavour was seriously lacking. The Lemon & Ginger was definitely my favourite, a clean palate that didn’t need any sweetening, infact I added a slice of lemon to realy ramp it up. Even on a hot day like today it was refreshing. Finally the Earl Grey was a definite winner with Phil. He said it was like a super posh version which made me chuckle. At £12 for a 100g tea caddy I would happily buy him more. He said it was far superior than other Earl Greys he had tried, the fragrance matched the flavours, as a man who doesn’t like to mince his words I would say he likes it a lot.


And so that was my review of June’s Birchbox. If you order today* (30/06/2018) you can grab yourself the special addition keepsake tin too! So grab yourself a cheeky treat, and a lovely keepsake tin while you’re at it!


Sophie x



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