A Christmas Date Night in Birmingham …

Christmas Date Night

When Phil and I first started seeing each other, child free dates were a total luxury as we started out with 4 kids between us. After we got married we wanted to keep date nights going, even if it was just once a month, thankfully my folks were on board and we managed to stick to for the last 7 years together. Phil is a muso if I haven’t mentioned it before, and so I wanted out December date night to be really special for both of us. I booked tickets to see Handel’s Messiah at the Birmingham Symphony hall […]

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Festive Favourites … #brumblogmas …

festive favourites brumblogmas

We have a few festive favourites to be honest, most of them films. It just isn’t Christmas without watching them all, preferably with the child whose favourite it happens to be. The best thing is they are all classics, and almost guaranteed to played on the telly at least once over the Christmas period. Although for us this isn’t necessary as we own them on DVD.   So here is a run down of our festive favourite films:   Home Alone Of course this is one that we still laugh at, especially Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern as Harry and […]

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Christmas Pudding … #brumblogmas …

Christmas Pudding brumblogmas

It’s the second day of #brumblogmas and today the prompt was Christmas Pudding. I’ll be honest I was a bit stumped mainly because I don’t actually like this traditional suet based steamed pudding. However I do usually end up feeling like I am one come Boxing Day, let alone New Years Day! So I thought I’d write a post about how we plan not to end up feeling like plumptious puddings over Christmas week. I have mentioned previously that the husband and I have taken on the 5:2 lifestyle and so far we have lost 6 stone between us since […]

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A day in the life … #brumblogmas …

day in the life brumblogmas

I am going to attempt to join my very first #brumblogmas, the reason? I need a kick up the rumpus to actually get on my blog and write! I always get compliments from people who read the thing, so only fair I fill it with shiny new things to read. Today the prompt is “a day in the life” which made me laugh. Mainly because my husband had the experience of being me for the day, he didn’t that much enjoy the stress levels of school runs, food shops and everything else I have to sort out in a day. […]

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Beating winter time bugs …

Beating Winter time Bugs

I love Christmas, but Winter and I have a love/hate relationship. Having had the flu several years in a row I am all about beating winter time bugs, especially in the kiddos. Snotty noses are part and parcel of winter, mainly unavoidable as little noses flit from central heating to the colder fresh air of the outdoors. However we can do some little things to help give our smalls a healthy boost and hopefully keep them relatively healthy this season. Get out doors! I am a great believer in getting kids outside for good periods of the day regardless of […]

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The scent of Christmas …

Scent of Christmas

The scent of Christmas to me is cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and a spritz of citrus. Throw in some sweet cranberries and it’s sheer perfection to the senses. I’m itching to get the Christmas decorations out already this year. I want to snuggle under a blanket with a hot chocolate and beam with glee as all the shimmering sparkles and sweet fragrances fill our home for the whole of the winter season. I want Christmas cake with cups of tea, or slugs of tipple, while belly laughing with my nearest and dearest. I want all the kids here, invading my […]

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Getting Christmas all wrapped up with the #sdfiverchallenge …

sdfiverchallenge Christmas

Let me begin by saying that getting Christmas all wrapped up before the end of November is absolutely my primary focus as soon as the start of school has been taken care of! I do not enjoy traipsing all around town, in the hustle and bustle trying to avoid bags and elbows, all whilst attempting to hunt down the elusive gift for someone awkward to buy for. So to be clear, I am usually sat in my jammies with a glass of fizz come the 1st of December come tooth or nail!   Where do I start with the whole […]

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No headache meal planning method …

The dreaded ‘what’s for dinner?’ being asked multiple times a day probably gets on my nerves more than the incessant ‘Mum’ing I get the rest of the time. The constant brain block of what to do for dinner, the shopping list, the endless boredom of the same few meals every week because when you do have a spare couple of seconds to actually think about the week ahead all you can think of is fish fingers and chips, beans on toast and spaghetti Bolognese. By this point all creativity has been killed off so the idea of coming up with […]

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The never ending wash pile …

There are only four of us most of the time and yet we have a never ending wash pile in our home. It is a little victory when I see the bottom of the basket every once in a blue moon. My husband is a surveyor, and clambering around on conservatory roofs, ladders and grimey work vans, meaning he gets more than a little grubby. My daughter is doing a Btec in design meaning all forms of paint, pen and pastel usual end up on her crisp white shirts. As for the smallest in the family, well he is the […]

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The last first days of school …

I never expected to be able to do this again. I thought I had already done my last first days of school when Ells was little. Days I loathed because I always felt like someone else was benefiting from the best of her, and I was left with an over tired, over stimulated beast when she got home. It wasn’t fun for me, and I wanted them over with. Silly and probably utterly selfish, but when you’re a single mother having to play all the roles, I needed her to be as independent as possible for my own sanity and […]

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