It’s the second day of #brumblogmas and today the prompt was Christmas Pudding. I’ll be honest I was a bit stumped mainly because I don’t actually like this traditional suet based steamed pudding. However I do usually end up feeling like I am one come Boxing Day, let alone New Years Day!

So I thought I’d write a post about how we plan not to end up feeling like plumptious puddings over Christmas week.

I have mentioned previously that the husband and I have taken on the 5:2 lifestyle and so far we have lost 6 stone between us since April. This is something I have no intention of undoing in one week of over indulgence. Our eating habits have been completely transformed over the past months meaning food isn’t at the forefront of our life, not like it used to be.

We have never been ones for huge three course Christmas dinners either, however a good pud is always ready to be served after the main meal! I mean it is Christmas after all! But after a hearty breakfast/brunch we leave dinner until later in the day, around 5pm and skip lunchtime as we are generally still stuffed from all the bacon, sausage and eggs.


Christmas Pudding - Smorgasbord

Come Boxing Day we would normally do a big smorgasbord spread with the leftover roast meat, cold meats, salads and piles of fresh bread rolls. We pick at it all day long, never really giving out tummies a rest. However this year will be different because Boxing Day falls on a fast day for us, and so we are going to stick with it and give our waistlines a little breather before we get stuck into the rest of the food fest that is the festive week.

How will it work?

Well our two fast days are Tuesdays and Thursday, and we stick to around 600 calories a day, with sensible calorie consumptions on non fast days.

What will you eat?

600 calories is more than you think, and you can eat a fair old amount to be honest, you just have to be smart with what you eat.

Breakfast – 1 slice of Aldi fruit toast (87 Kcal)

Lunch– simple vegetable soup (approx 110 Kcal)

Dinner – Probably some leftover turkey and lots of vegetables. If we have enough we may throw in half a baked potato, but generally all the vegetables are super filling and so is the turkey. (approx 400 Kcal)

Won’t you still be hungry though?

Honestly? No. If you drink plenty of water, and I like peppermint tea on fast days to keep things fresh and warm, then you won’t have an issue. Plus with the feast of Christmas Day literally under our belts, both of us are really looking forward to a leaner Boxing Day. It will give our bodies chance to process the feast effectively on our ‘off’ day of eating. Plus with being a blended family that usually means two large Christmas dinners plus New Years Day dinner. I think our tummies will be more than glad of the two days off eating!

Christmas Pudding - Peppermint Tea

Christmas is definitely about enjoying a feast with your loved ones, giving gifts of joy and delight, and seeing the wonderment in our childrens eyes. But, being a more plumptious mummy I am ever aware of also being a good example in teaching my kiddos how to cope with ecxessiveness, and the need to give our bodies a break so we can maintain good health that lasts longer than just our New Years resolutions.

Do you have a game plan for staying balanced over the Christmas period or are you more ‘go big or go home’ line of thought? Let me know in the comments.


Sophie xx

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