Let me begin by saying that getting Christmas all wrapped up before the end of November is absolutely my primary focus as soon as the start of school has been taken care of! I do not enjoy traipsing all around town, in the hustle and bustle trying to avoid bags and elbows, all whilst attempting to hunt down the elusive gift for someone awkward to buy for. So to be clear, I am usually sat in my jammies with a glass of fizz come the 1st of December come tooth or nail!


Where do I start with the whole organisation of Christmas?  To be honest in January!

My husband and I sit down and plan out how much we want to spend on everyone. With 5 kids and a further 8 nieces & nephews, plus adults and friends to buy for, it pays to be well. This means we can save a little each month to pay for Christmas without having to think about it.


By the time October comes around we already have the majority of our Christmas spends saved, and so I can be on the lookout for really good deals. I often manage to snaffle great items a lot cheaper than they would usually be, meaning my budget stretches even further!


Whilst the big presents are pretty easy to sort out, the stocking fillers often leave me scratching my head. Especially when the Mr decides he wants to get something for a colleague for the first time. Nothing like setting me a challenge hey, getting something for someone I hardly know. Men hey!


So cue an email from SportsDirect.com challenging me to take the #sdfiverchallenge with Britmums, and all things Christmas gift ideas. Expecting gum shields, shin pads and footie strips, I was very definitely surprised by the extensive range of gifts they had to offer. And I am not exaggertaing when I say the range is extensive!


A lot of the items on the site were totally unexpected in all honesty. I was able to find a good assortment of gifts for £5 and under with the help of the ‘Gifts By Price’ tab, including a special something for the husband from the kids. I spent a good hour scrolling through the pages of gift items, settling on a few items which went in the trolley, before heading through the checkout.



SportsDirect.com #sdfiverchallenge was to find at least 2 items under £5 which would make ideal gifts. I found way more, and whilst I will share 3 of them, the rest are on lock down because my family read my blog and I don’t want them finding out what they are getting before Santa comes!


The first gift I picked up, my husband has said he wants one too, was this very handy 5 Minute Fix-It 13 in 1 Tool Hammer. I will be honest it is a bit gadgety to me, but from my husband’s reaction could possibly be the best gift to get the guy who has everything! At £4.99 it went in the basket without hesitation. Even now my husband keeps eyeing up the box, so it will be wrapped and deposited into someone’s stocking – just not decided who’s yet.



The second gift under £5.00 was this Mr Grumpy Mug Gift Set. Now I have seen these mugs on their own fetching more than a fiver, so to get it as a gift set for £4.99, so into the basket it went! Mt husband has a colleague at work who would laugh at this, mainly because everyone thinks he is a bit of a grumpy git. So this will be wrapped up and passed on to the husbands work friend along with a choice bottle of wine for his long suffering partner. I mean it’s only fair right?!

Last but not least is a fantastic little something for our friends two boys. Now for friends we make hampers, usually it consists of wine, sweets, cheese, Christmas cake and drunk fruit in jars. Obviously we needed to make this one more PG so we got the boys a little game to play on Boxing Day. Marble Mountain came in the cheapest at just £4.00, which is probably why it has sold out already too! I have no doubt there will be raucous laughter over this as the marbles tumble down the chutes. Knowing the boys as we do they will love it. I have something special to compensate the parents of course but that’s another post entirely, one where I hope we are still friends at the end of it haha!

Christmas Marble Mountain

I manage to throw items into the basket, pay and they all arrived within a couple of days. It was a headache saver and time saver. Ultimately with the items still earmarked for stockings it will be a pocket saver too!


Have you been and had a look at SportsDirect.com? Share in the comments your best finds, and whether you would have ever considered shopping there for Christmas?


Sophie x




Sponsored Disclaimer: This post is an entry for BritMums #sdfiverchallenge Christmas Challenge, sponsored by Sportsdirect.com. All opinions are honest, and my own.

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    1. Thanks Kate! And yes the husband laughed when I said who it was for. Haha! x

    1. I was really surprised, and I’m definitely getting a few more stocking fillers next week! Xx

  1. Looks like sports direct have it covered! We only really buy Christmas presents for a few people and our kids so there’s never a huge amount to buy but it still always ends up being a mad panic no matter how much I try to get it done early!

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