I am going to attempt to join my very first #brumblogmas, the reason? I need a kick up the rumpus to actually get on my blog and write! I always get compliments from people who read the thing, so only fair I fill it with shiny new things to read. Today the prompt is “a day in the life” which made me laugh. Mainly because my husband had the experience of being me for the day, he didn’t that much enjoy the stress levels of school runs, food shops and everything else I have to sort out in a day. In fact he said he was looking forward to getting back to work for a rest!

Anyway, it is the first of December and it has been a busy one. As I type I am mentally running through all the things left to do today. A list that keeps growing longer by the minute, but at least the Christmas turkey order is in at the butchers nice and early!

Regardless here’s a quick run through of the things I have done and have yet to do today:

5.55 am || the boy wakes up before his daddy’s alarm and sneaks in to ‘warm his feet’. Not the nicest wakeup call I’ve ever had.

6.30 am || shove the husband out of bed so he can get ready for work. Cue small boy snuggling down into the recently vacated warm spot in the bed.

7.15 am || kiss the husband goodbye, and start contemplating getting up. Get up, washed dressed, negotiate teeth cleaning of small person, get the teen moving, renegotiate teeth cleaning and television time.

8.45 am || get the kids out the door and in the car ready for the school drop off. Thankfully we only live a few minutes away!

8.55 am || drop the teen at high school whilst shouting embarrassing ‘LOVE YOU’s out the window and watching her run frantically into school.

9.10 am || drop the small boy off at school, along with silent prayers of hope that he doesn’t have a meltdown, say something inappropriate or lash out today.

9.25 am || park up and walk round to meet my Mum with my sister in our favourite tea room, OrangeMabel, for tea and a bit of breakfast. It is also the point in the day I breathe out and allow my nerves to settle.

10.30 am || leave the tea room and head into the post office to grab some passport applications (turns out I didn’t need them as you can do it all online now!), check out a few charity shops and head back to the car before the parking runs out.

11.45 am || make a split decision over the phone with the other half about a Christmas present for the boy. He literally said it would make the best Christmas ever so obviously it has to be done! Quick run into the house to grab my Tesco vouchers, whip round to Tesco to grab a Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage (currently £70!), head to the till where I force feed vouchers through the machine until said garage is a more palatable £26, and mummsily fist bump my sister over the deal of the decade.

12.05 pm || frantically wrap the biggest box on the planet as all Christmas present hiding places are now rammed to capacity! Thank goodness my sister is still around to lend her hands for holding reams of wrapping paper together and stick seams down with sellotape. It’ll be a laugh seeing if he can even open Christmas day now! Quick drool over my Joanie clothing order that has arrived, along with quick try on just in case nothing fits obviously.

12.25 pm || kiss sister goodbye and whizz round to the school to pick little man up, dutifully advise them of his imminent removal to a school closer to home (internal fist pump at keeping anxiety under control).

12.45 pm || back in the car heading home, with mental check lists flying through my brain and a little boy wittering about still being hungry and can he have an apple. Home, feet up, telly on, laptop open, onto gov.uk website to renew my passport and order the kids their first one (how much?! Mild contempt for the cost of a book chuntering in head), print half a trees worth of paper off ready for photos tomorrow and posting on Monday.

1.30 pm || realise I haven’t eaten since this morning and grab of crisps, because I’m too busy (lazy) to grab anything proper!

2.30pm || say hello to my Mum again as she comes round to review the Joanie purchases and remark on their fit/construction/material/etc before heading off to get ready for an evening out.

3.30pm || start blogging about my day. I could be here a while, and I have definitely procrastinated a lot with Instagram, commenting on instastories about home décor possibilities for gifted fake antler wreaths. Return to blogging about a day in the life … grabs some digestives … back to blogging … grab a cuppa … get distracted by My Little Pony … return to blogging.

4.10 pm || be greeted by over excited teen (far worse than an over excited toddler!) blurting out her entire day in a single breath whilst the small boy runs round the living room in a circle (autism thing) making my head spin!

4.20 pm || send young people to their rooms for a minute so I can breathe! Phew!

Ok so this is where I am right now. The plans for this evening may or may not go well. I am hoping with all my might they go something like this …

5.15 pm || post blog and faff on social media for a minute whilst spending thousands in various online stores without actually checking out.

5.25 pm || call the Chinese takeaway and place our very usual order (have the same every time, but it’s so good I don’t care) so it is ready for the husband to collect on his way through.

5.55 pm || get the table ready and the kettle on ready to pour the man of the house a cuppa, I know very old fashioned but I do like doing it for him. He will pop off for the fastest shower on record, while I plate the dinner up. No doubt I will enter into negotiations with the small boy about what veggies he will and won’t be partaking in today. He will of course eat everything I put on his plate!

6.15pm || take the smallest for a shower and to put his pjs on. Whilst Daddy is doing that with the boy I will be allocating a set number of decorations for each child to put on the tree before bed.

6.30 pm || kiss the smallest goodnight, send the teen up for bedtime story duty (she does voices and makes stories up from his animal duvet cover), then pour myself the biggest glass of Hendricks and tonic before putting my feet up!

7.00 pm || I am hoping by this point the husband and teen have finally agreed on something to watch together, probably Blue Planet to be fair and a side of Thunderbirds, while I pull a blanket on and play Gardenscapes on my phone.

8.30pm || the teen will give kisses and head to bed (she is evil in the morning if she goes to bed later, we have tried it!), and I will no doubt be doted on by the husband for being an utter Wonder Woman because he will refill my glass!

8.45 pm || I will be striping down the tree to redress it in proper Monica Gellar OCD stylee, and the kids are fully aware this happens. However they are just thankful I let them have a little go each year.

9.45 am || I am pretty sure I will be asking what time it is and wondering silently if it is too early to go to bed yet. However I will remain snuggled to my beau (mainly because he is like a hot water bottle) while we watch something on Netflix.

10.45 am||  he will probably nudge me to go to bed, and be the happiest woman alive as I snuggle down in my fleece pjs and bed socks!

I know it isn’t very rock’n’roll my daily life, and to be fair today was an exception because I don’t usually get time to just sit and drink tea with my Mum and sister anymore. But there you have it, my ‘a day in the life’ post for the first day of December!

How did you spend yours?

Sophie x

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  1. Sounds like a very productive day! I’m a big Joanie fan too – am so tempted to get something sparkly to wear over christmas!

    1. Thanks! I was so impressed with my Joanie dresses. The fit is lovely, best I’ve ever had from online shopping, and so comfortable! Xx

  2. Sophie this is SUCH a lovely post! Absolutely love it. What a treat to meet your Mum and sister at OrangeMabel – haven’t been there in ages. Did you know they’ve just opened a new one in Stratford, too? Had a giggle because I totally know whose Instastories you were talking about with the antler wreath (she’s one of my favs!). LOVELY #Blogmas post. Big kisses, Hx

    1. Thank you Holly! I did know about the Stratford one but haven’t been as yet. I love Alcester, reminds me of a seaside town. And yes Katie is one of my faves too 😉 always love a good ‘what do I do with this?!’ post haha xx

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