Our boy has been an early riser since he was born. There is no such thing as a lie in with him in the house. Although the morning starts were beginning to get a little too early for us. 5am is not a time for anyone to have to see every day! I had heard a few mentions of the Gro Clock previously and Googled it. I watched reviews and the demo video on YouTube. Hesitant about how a glowing clock would help we decided to bite the bullet and get one for our boy in the hope we could say goodbye to the very early mornings.

It took a few nights for us to get used to setting it, but now we’ve got a handle on it. Our boy loves going up to bed and reading the Sleepy Farm story together.

He says good night to the bright yellow sun on the clock and hello to the snoozy stars. He’s getting used to the story but loves his new routine nonetheless. It’s the most he sits still in a day!

The first few mornings were a bit hit and miss as he forgot to see if the sun had come up yet. He’s got the hang of it now and he happily shouts “Mommy the sun has come up!” – cue thuds of heavy feet making their way out of bed and into our room.

Although sceptical at first I have to say this clock is a bit of a life saver for us. It works like a dream and the story is a genius accompaniment for little ones to learn about getting enough sleep.

I have not been paid/endorsed for this post. This is my personal review of a product we bought to save our pre-alarm clock snoozes.

If you’ve got a small person bed crashing at silly o’clock in the morning then this clock is well worth the pennies in my opinion. It’s truly changed our mornings.

Now for Mommy & Daddy to get used to not waking in anticipation of the bed crasher!

Sophie xx

Please note this is not an advert for Gro Clocks. I purchased the clock with my own money, making this review entirely my own opinion.

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