Essential Rewards (ER) is a fantastic totally customisable monthly subscription services available exclusively to Young Living Wholesale Members. I call it my monthly wellness box, because every item in there is something that supports my whole family’s wellness. It also affords me the freedom to get all my cleaning products, toiletries, make-up and of course essential oils delivered directly to my door. It also gets me access to some other amazing benefits too!

What do you need to know up front? You need to place a minimum 50 PV (Points Value0 order each month to qualify. That equates to around £45-£60 ish total. Sounds a lot but when up tot up all the products I purchase from Young Living instead of getting it from the supermarkets, its often a lot cheaper on our monthly groceries bill! So, it is something to plan out as to what you want to get from Young Living instead of your local shop. There are so many products I could recommend and have even helped my friend sort out months of orders based on a minimum order value, so she could get what she wanted without blowing her budget!

Want to know more of the benefits of being on Essential Rewards? Keep reading friend!


    Grab your purse and count out how many loyalty cards you have in there. Now how many of those give you more than 10% back on what you spend? Not many, if any, right? Well with ER you get points back on your monthly orders to use to purchase qualifying products as you like. Plus the longer you are enrolled, the more points you can earn! Here’s the breakdown:

1-3 months: earn 10% of your monthly PV
4-24 months: earn 20% of your monthly PV
25+ months: earn 25% of your monthly PV

There are also some pretty special Loyalty Gifts that are sent out at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months with another exclusive blend created annually for your anniversary of joining Essential Rewards.


Each month there is a themed promotion offering special incentives for ER members. The promotions feature oils and supplements that are free with qualifying PV orders. Generally this is anything between 120PV and 400PV. So it is just a case of placing your usual order and waiting for all the freebies to arrive with it.


This is a biggie, and one I always recommend using even if you are just going to order a Premium Starter Kit as a one off! Because UK orders ship from the Netherlands our usual shipping rate is £13.67 for larger orders, including those with the Premium Starter Kit. However on Essential Rewards this drops down to £10.55, which is huge saving on particularly large orders.

There is also the option to do a ‘Will Call’ order, which means you can head to the Young Living Head Office in Chiswick, London to grab your order at no cost. This is ideal when heading down there for Young Living Days.


On ER you can set up the PV Assistant which helps you organise a monthly order effortlessly. Either manually load up your monthly order or set PV up with all your favourite oils and let it load your basket for you. This is perfect when you have products you know you want in your basket each month, like Thieves or Lavender.

Just set the PV goal to whatever you want, 50PV or 150PV it is totally up to you!


ER is completely customisable. This means you can add products, then see something else you want and change what you have in your basket. You set the date you want the order to process, and then you have until that day to change your basket about as much as you like. You can even manually process if you want an order a bit earlier than you have asked for, and you can even change the processing date for future dates. The flexible options are endless.


The minimum order value is just 50PV, which equates to between about £45 – £60, which may sound a lot but that’s about £10-£15 per week. Go take a look at the last time you spent that exact same amount for toiletries, cleaning products or make-up on a weekly basis from your local supermarket? Now you probably spend quite a bit more right? So, transfer those items to your ER order, get points back and spend less time trawling around the shops.


Placing regular 50PV or 100PV orders? Got a friend who wants kit too? All Young Living Wholesale Members who place these levels of orders on ER will qualify for additional perks and unique referral link. This means when your friends and family use your link to open a free wholesale membership and then purchase a kit for themselves in the same month, you get a Fast Start Bonus of £32 as a thank you for sharing your love of oils. You only need to be placing a 50PV order to get this bonus.

The next level of earning comes from commission on your new members orders. To get this you need to be placing a 100PV order each month. There is more information about the amount of commission you can receive over on the Young Living website.  


Got a friend or family member who just wants a couple of items but doesn’t want a wholesale membership? No problem. You can add their items to your monthly order, and charge them the retail price. This way you are never out of pocket for ordering, they get what they want and your order may get pushed up enough to qualify for promotional freebies and commission!


As there is no contract, you can cancel at any time without worry. So if you get 6 months in and find you don’t need to purchase anything for a while, simply cancel until you are ready to re-enroll on the programme.

Just know that you will have to start your ER enrolment from scratch, so you will begin on month one for PV points earning.


  1. Existing Wholesale Members: Click here to login to the Essential Rewards dashboard in the virtual office. Not a member yet?  Join my team, sign up for ER and grab your Premium Starter Kit as your first order to save on shipping!
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your monthly order (you’ll choose a date, select a minimum 50PV worth of product and choose your payment type/shipping preferences.)
  3. Be sure to mark your ER date in your calendar (or set a phone reminder) so you can remember to change your order each month.
  4. Head into your ER dashboard after you have received your order so it is ready loaded with a couple of monthly staples and a wish list product!
  5. That’s it! You’re ready to get oiling!

Got questions? No problem, drop me a message and let’s talk!

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