The other week was horrendous in more ways than one. The flu, sinusitis and an inner ear infection have left me at the point of utter exhaustion! I’m still dealing with the aftermath a week later.

Waking up more tired than when I went to bed has made this week beyond challenging. I said to my friend, I know God doesn’t send us more than we are capable of dealing with, but sometimes I feel like calling a time out. I need a few minutes to just pause and catch my breath.
When this level of exhaustion hits you it can be hard to think straight, to gather yourself together and stay focused long enough to get whatever needs doing done. The kids energy levels seem to spike and further deplete your own.
The world keeps on turning and all you want to do is step off.
I’ve no idea how we manage to keep going as women/wives/mothers but we do, even when we only have fumes to work with. Amazing!
I’m not sure how to rejuvenate my energy and overcome this feeling of extreme fatigue. I’m hoping it’ll go away on its own.
In the meantime the sense of relief that the weekend is here at last is just enough to put a smile on this weary face.
Sophie x

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