We have a few festive favourites to be honest, most of them films. It just isn’t Christmas without watching them all, preferably with the child whose favourite it happens to be. The best thing is they are all classics, and almost guaranteed to played on the telly at least once over the Christmas period. Although for us this isn’t necessary as we own them on DVD.

So here is a run down of our festive favourite films:

Home Alone

Of course this is one that we still laugh at, especially Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern as Harry and Marv aka the Wet Bandits. From the Kevins mother realising she’s left him at home, to the aftershave and hilarious antics as Kevin protects his home from the prospective burglars. It is the 3rd childs favourite, and of course we all secretly look forward to putting it on when he is here with us.

Polar Express

When you have a child obsessed with trains this is the ultimate Christmas Classic for them. Our youngest absolutely loves the antics aboard the Polar Express. He sings along with the hot cocoa song and listens intently for the jingle of the sleigh bells. That and the talents of Tom Hanks, with not so subtle nods to Aeorsmith, it is sure to be winner.

The Snowman

Now when it comes to classic Christmas movies, this is the epitome of Christmas for me. I remember being sat in the livingroom as a child listening to David Bowie set the tone for possibly the most unforgetable of Christmas classics. It has become a traditional gather round the telly moment every year since, and one I am loving passing on to my own children. From the excitment of James as he discovers his snowman has come to life, to the immortal sounds of ‘Walking in the air’, to the meeting Father Christmas himself. It is an emotional ride along for chidlren of all ages, and one we look forward to revisiting each year.


A modern classic, the husband pretends he isn’t keen but secretly I think he quite likes Buddy the Elf! It is one the older kids thoroughly enjoy, and makes them laugh out loud. I love Elf, he is like my spirit animal! As a total Christmas fanatic, this definitely gets everyone in the right festive frame of mind. And as Buddy says ‘The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.

The Grinch

This is one of my daughters favourites. She loves the antics of the Grinch played by Jim Carey, and I have to admit this is my most favourite film with him in it. The message is throughout is clear; a good reminder to steer clear of getting caught up in the over commercialisation of Christmas and risk being disappointed because the sentiment of sharing, love and community has been sacrificed in it’s place. This one has already been watched a few times and we are only 3 days into December! The two youngest chuckle every time with this one.

Die Hard

I couldn’t really finish this list off without adding in the husbands choice. When I asked him, he didn’t even hesitate to answer! Bruce Willis at his peak, and in the only Die Hard movie that matters in Phil’s eyes. John McClane facing off the dubios villian Han Gruber, the wonderfully talented Alan Rickman, face off in the Japanese headquarters on Christmas Eve. John has some great lines like  ‘Welcome to the party pal!’, but Phil’s favourites are definitely those uttered by Hans, such as ‘Alas, your Mr. Takagi did not see it that way… so he won’t be joining us for the rest of his life.’ He still chuckles at the thought of them. He is very easily pleased!

Love Actually

I don’t think you can ever do a proper festive favourites for films without including Love Actually. I mean Hugh Grant dancing through number 10 in and of itself is enough to warrant a view. But I think this is film is particularlly endearing to us Brits and so has become synonimous with Christmas ever since we heard the dulcet tones of Bill Nighy as he ‘remastered’ Love is all around us originally heard by so many of us for weeks on end in the 90’s. It is iconic and wraps up everything tongue in cheek about our little nation –  and I personally love it … so does the husband on the quiet!

So there you have it. That is pretty much the run down of movies we will be watching over the Christmas season.

Which are your Festive Favourites to gather around and watch? Let me know in the comments.

Sophie xx


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