Firstly allow me to wish you a Happy New Year! Now grab a brew, this us a long one.

I’m a deep thinker.
I hold my cards close to my chest and I don’t make decisions lightly.
And anyone who knows me, will know how long I prologue the agony of those decision making moments for!

Not many will know, but I qualified as a Swedish Massage Therapist and Hot Stone Therapist in 2008, before meeting Phil.

I have been in love with holistic therapies ever since. Slowly adding to my repertoire of skills over the years.

In more recent years, after watching the movie Stink, I felt further conviction to push our lifestyle as a whole to a more holistic, natural one. Add in PCOS, infertility, IIH, eczema, psoriasis, auto immune disorders, autism and food intolerance, and well it just made sense to take our life a whole new level of natural.

We started with foods, going more whole foods, make it from scratch. Dropping food groups that triggered my IBS, like mine and Callans dairy intolerance! More fruits, vegetables, organic meats in smaller quantities.

This naturally lead to reducing our food waste. We weren’t buying as much food due to meal planning and sticking to shopping lists.

Finally we started tackling the products we use around the home and for personal care. I had previously dabbled in essential oils for my massage therapies but never made the connection of using them for myself! Sometimes you really can’t see the wood for the trees right?

I fell in love with using essential oils for myself and my family. I have 2 shelves worth of them and they are used by all of us daily!

We started swapping personal hygiene products out and I became a business builder for a company I loved.

Then came 2020. Fires across the world. A global pandemic. Earth showing temporary signs of recovery from our callousness. Family. Time together. Time to think. Time to reassess. Brexit.

Decisions that needed to be made began to weigh heavy on my heart. Decisions about ethical consumerism. Decisions on which basket to add my eggs to. Decisions on what steps I could take to reduce my carbon foot print, my impact, my damage to the plant we so desperately love.

And so the New Year saw transition in so many more ways than just the ending of one year and the beginning of the next.

Do I regret the last couple of years building an essential oils business? No, not at all. I have loved the friendships it has given me, the connection to something outside of my introverted bubble and of course the experience of some amazing oils.

As the page turns from that moment to this, it feels right to transition my business connections too. To something literally homegrown on our little island. To something carbon neutral, ethical, organic, natural. To something that actually reconnects me to my inner holistic therapist self and makes me feel excited.

I am delighted to share that I have become a Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic, Independent Consultant. I cannot wait to share more with you and continue my holistic wellbeing journey!

So as I transition from one chapter to the next I hope you stay a little while with me. I hope for grace and kindness. I hope for connection and fulfilment.

So heres to 2021, making big, long thought out decisions. To new adventures, a little excitement and new connections.

The old is gone; the new has begun!

Sophie x

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  1. Congratulations on prayerfully considering this Sophie. I’m excited for you and will come along with you. I’m wildly attracted to those blue bottles

    1. Love you so much Sammi and yes I cannot wait to get my hands on those pretty blue bottles 🙂 xxx

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