The one thing I had asked for Mother’s Day this year was not to have to raise my voice. I will have to wait till next year for that one! The loss of an hour, the rush for church, and the usual ‘get your Doodles on!’ slightly manic shout as we all hurried out the door saw shot of that hope.

Anyway, after a morning at church wishing all the Mummies a happy Mother’s Day, we made our way home for some light lunch with my own Mum. She has a penchant for fine bone china cups, and I managed to find her a pretty one for her desk. It made her smile, and being her *cough-cough* favourite child, it brought me a little joy to have got her something she was actually looking for too. It was a cute mug with matching coaster and a small tray just big enough for a couple of chocolate covered digestives. She loved it.

I opened my cards from my children and Mr J after making lunch. All written in their own hand, albeit it additional ‘pictures’ in the card from Mr J as he wasn’t quite quick enough to take the pen of Cal. I loved it all though. They even bought me flowers in gorgeous hot pinks and oranges. Summer in a vase, let alone spring.

Mr J then cooked up a storm (the after math is still being cleaned up today!) in the kitchen, a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings! He did an amazing job. I asked my Mum to whip some batter up before she left for my sisters. She showed me where the recipe was in our old family cook book. She found all of us a copy one Christmas so we would stop borrowing hers. Mr J wanted to do Yorkshire puddings, neither of us had made them before so it was a trial and error thing for sure. Regardless there were 4 clean plates at the end of it, and tummies with just enough room for some pudding. He and I sipped a lovely Malbec, the kids chirruped about all sorts and then we all crashed on the sofa for a some cuddles before bed.

With the sunshine on top it made for a pretty amazing day. One that left us all smiles with happy dreams.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday too,


Sophie xx


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