The scent of Christmas to me is cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and a spritz of citrus. Throw in some sweet cranberries and it’s sheer perfection to the senses.

I’m itching to get the Christmas decorations out already this year. I want to snuggle under a blanket with a hot chocolate and beam with glee as all the shimmering sparkles and sweet fragrances fill our home for the whole of the winter season. I want Christmas cake with cups of tea, or slugs of tipple, while belly laughing with my nearest and dearest. I want all the kids here, invading my space, driving me mad, but loving every minute of it. I want to be making mounds of food to feed all their bellies with, chuckling at their content hums as they chow down on their favourite dinners. I want it all, the whole nine yards, even if it makes me feel exhausted I know it’ll leave me feeling my happiest.

I crave the cosiness it all brings. The excitement of the countdown to a whole week spending time with my wonderfully long suffering husband. The kids too of course, but time with him at home is precious. I love being able to hold his hand or grab a kiss and a squeeze whenever the mood takes me! I love doing mundane stuff with him, like peeling potatoes, making cakes or cleaning the kitchen down. I eagerly await post bedtime feasts where we giggle like kids over sneaking Haribo and Jaffa Cakes into bowls with glasses full of fizz and tipple before snuggling under a blanket to watch some film on the telly.


Sparkles and Decorations

I don’t know why this year has me all revved up in anticipation of Christmas starting – which is officially the 1st day of the month – but I cannot wait. I don’t want the commercial crap, although presents would be appreciated obviously, I want the sentimental crap instead. Maybe its because I’m getting older, more content in myself. Maybe my expectations on perfection are lowered,with kids let’s face it they’ve been obliterated over the years. Whatever it is I feel different about Christmas this year, and I cannot wait for it all to kick in.

The OCD organisational side of me is satisfied as all gifts have been purchased. I’ve even written the Christmas cards ready to hand out! I’ve already made a mental plan of when I’ll be doing all the Christmas veg, which will be par cooked and bedded down in the freezer before December reaches its double digits! Even though we aren’t sure how many will be with us, or if we will even be at home for Christmas, wherever and whoever we spend Christmas with I’ve got it all covered ahead time.

I don’t quite know where this all came from to be honest, all I did was bake a spiced fruit loaf! Maybe it’s the Christmas tree in the boot and the box of mince pies on the side all sending me subliminal messages to stir up the Christmas cheer early? Who knows! Regardless, it’s making my heart proper cheery.

Sophie x

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