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Christmas Tradition

Our little Christmas Tradition …

Our tree has a basic theme of green tree with gold and red baubles on it. Simple, with 2 sets of lights and some gold/silver bushy tinsel wrapping the centre of the tree for extra sparkle. For Phil we could leave it there and he would be happy. However we have one simple Christmas tradition that has caused our tree to become the most spectacular cacophony of ornaments, leaving the theme of green, red and gold somewhat engulfed!

Our simple Christmas tradition started about 20 years ago now when I left home the first time and got my own tree. I didn’t have any money spare so decorating my £15 tree from B&Q and still being able to eat was more than a stretch. Regardless I purchased a single special ornament to go with my Poundland sparkles. Then every year after that I would buy just one singular ornament that took my fancy, and so tradition was born.

When I had Ells, it was just the two of us, we bought two special ornaments each Christmas. Because one day she would have her own tree, and I would be able to give her a box full of precious memories in decorations we had picked together. We invariably picked pairs of things, because it was just the two of us. And so the tradition became so ingrained that when I met Phil we carried it on.

The first year I got us all an ornament with our names on. Not easy when a lot of our names aren’t usually available but we managed it and so six new ornaments went onto the tree. Then my Mum and Dad went to Canada and came home with a lovely ornament which had all our names on. Cal came along not long after and so the tradition continues, only now with seven ornaments and the kitsch collection looks perfectly mismatched and jumbled in our room.

Really it is my Mums fault. There are some old kids scissors that look like a bunny on my tree today that I remember putting on the tree with her as a child, and that’s probably why I want to capture that warm nostalgia with my own children. A simple Christmas tradition that will remain with them for a long time to come, and may even be passed down to their children too.

Do you have a family tradition at Christmas?

Sophie x