Thalassophile literally means lover of the seas or oceans and although born in the middle England, I spent most of my growing years travelling the world with my family. Wherever we landed we never seemed to be too far from the sea. No wonder my love for the seas and oceans grew deep within my heart.

Every now and then we make the trip from middle England to the coast, and we absolutely love heading to Brixham.  Mr J’s parents live there, so there is always a valid excuse for the trip down. I love getting there early enough to nip into Paignton so we can stretch our legs out with a stroll along the front. The kids love running along the sands, taking in the peacefulness of the sea at the same time.

Near the sea is definitely our happy place.

Thalassophile is the perfect word for all of us. It literally means lover of seas or someone who feel safe and calm near seas and oceans.

If I could live there I would, in a heartbeat. Maybe one day we will.

Until then these little trips will be treasured. Always.


Sophie x



PS – we always stop at the doungut shop on the pier too for a bag before we head home. Although looking at recent photos and posts I believe we may have an unhealthy relationship with them!

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    1. I know how you feel, although I miss the old Dubai beaches from when were kids! Friday BBQ’s, the annual raft race, digging holes in the sand for the drinks cooler! So good!

  1. I miss living near the beaches in Norfolk – trips every New Year’s Day to Southwold with a crowd of friends, just enjoying being together. Love the lighthouse in Southwold which is situated amongst the houses. Great memories, but must admit I get a tingle every time I stand and look at the Avon in Stratford!

    1. I think once you’ve lived by the sea it holds onto a piece of your heart forever Sylvia. I know it has with me xx

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