It is the first day of the Christmas holidays, and whilst I didn’t spend 2 hours bellowing at the kids to get out the door, I did get to spend it standing outside of Aldi waiting for it to open at 5 to 8 this morning waiting to get started with the Christmas Shop! I know, too rock and roll!

I usually aim to have all presents and cards wrapped and written by the end of November; feeling expert level smugness for being so organised is an added bonus. The past few years I have failed miserably to achieve this level of organisation but this year I am back on form. My smugness only marred by being stood bleary eyed outside Aldi waiting to achieve ‘The Christmas Food Shop’! With the hubby, 2 shopping trolleys and a shopping list painstakingly put into isle order, we were ready to. We whizzed around with military precision gathering all we needed for the next 11 days of feasting and festivities. Fool proof system of drinks in one trolley and everything else in the other. Like professional shelf pickers we grabbed only what was on the pristinely printed list in the exact quantities stated, carefully packing the trolleys to maximise on their capacity.


The hubby periodically questioning quantities like the lowly novice he is, his brow furrowing ever deeper as he wonders where the flaming heck all this food and drink is going to be stored in our kitchen. His lack of experience showing – he clearly forgets the garage is perfect for storing the pop! Posh crisps, mini Christmas puddings, crackers, biscuits and bags of honey roast nuts cascade majestically into the trolley. The loading of the conveyor in a specific order is paramount, Aldi don’t wait for you to faff with bags, to prevent crushing of loaves! Hubby knows to step out the way as I move in to reload the trolleys after the frantic beeping of the checkout scanner commences. The internal fist pump when the grand total rings up and you nailed your budget with change even though you slipped an extra bottle of prosecco in the drinks trolley without anyone noticing.

After loading the car, it’s the butchers, the greengrocers and then Tesco for the very last of the shopping list – trifle topping and soy cream. We were home and unloaded by 9:30am, we high fived as we got to the boot. We were done! My inner geek and lover of all things list like kicked back and cracked open a bevvy to celebrate a triumphantly organised Christmas shopping trip! By lunchtime the Christmas Day veg had been parboiled, bagged and bedded down in the freezer. Slippers were on, doors locked, ‘Jingle all the way’ on the telly and very relaxed snuggles under blankets with the kids enjoyed.

So no more dealing with manic shoppers bashing each other out of the way with trolleys, or driving around the carpark for half an hour hoping a space becomes available while the kids have meltdowns in the back of the car. No stressed Daddy because there are just too many people and he feels like he can’t breathe. No shouty Mummy after another trolley gets rammed into her ankles. No sweating in your coat because its cold outside but the sheer mass of bodies in a single shop contributes to you having the most epic hot flashes!

No! There will be pj’s on, Christmas movie tat on the telly, mince pies and massive glasses of wine instead. Because for the next 11 days I want to enjoy spending time with the family I adore so much, and work so hard to provide for. Because my husband deserves a wife who has time to snuggle with him, instead of being stressed out of her mind trying to get everything done! Because I deserve to enjoy the fruits of my yearlong labours with my children and longsuffering husband. Because being kind to yourself is the best present you can give, and it makes you a much nicer person to be around!

So Merry Christmas to you all, enjoy the holidays, have fun, be silly, wear the tacky jumper, watch the cheesy Christmas movie and share the love with those around you.

Tis the season to be jolly!

Sophie x

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