Hi friend! Welcome to The Essential Living Co.

Born from frustration and a keen eye to see there was nothing on the UK and European market for Young Living business builders, I set to work creating something to fill the gap.

Here is a little about my own journey so far.

I began my journey with essential oils following a period of poor digestive health. I was at my wits end. Following a quick chat with a pharmacist, who recommended Peppermint oil, I reached out to a good friend who hooked me up and I haven’t looked back!

As my love for oils grew I wanted to create something helpful to share with new members who might be feeling overwhelmed with the overwhelming amount of information and misinformation out there.

As an aromatherapist, I also wanted to ensure new members could learn how to use their oils safely, without worry or risk of harm to their nearest and dearest in the name of exuberant enthusiasm.

The dream was to create a comprehensive guide that would form the perfect foundation to encourage safe, healthy and confident use of essential oils every day. I also wanted to create a functional tool for business builders to use and share with their team.

And so this how The Essential Living complete guide to using essential oils every day and The Essential Living Business Planner came to be.

To purchase yours, click the link below.