I am so excited to be sharing our oily journey with you today.

Our family have started to benefit massively from using Young Living essential oils daily. Not only do they scent our home beautifully, they have also helped me and my family climb above the wellness line. They have helped not only our physical health, but also our emotional wellness too.

Essential Oils can help to support every area of your body; from the respiratory system, digestive system, immune system, to the endocrine system and so much more.

|| THE WHAT ||

Essential Oils is a contraction of the original ‘quintessential oils’. This stems from the Aristotelian thinking that the quintessence or 5th element was that of spirit or life force. Hence the line of thought today that essential oils are the ‘life force’ of plants, herbs and flowers. Oils are obtained generally by either steam distillation, cold pressing or resins. Either way the process obtains these quintessential oils from the plants which can then be used in a myriad of ways.

|| THE HOW ||

Have you ever come into a room and smelt something that takes you back so vividly to a memory from your past that it took your breathe away? There is a whole science behind this process which you could spend an immense amount of time looking into!

There are three methods of using essential oils theraputically, these are inhalation, topical application and ingestion.

|| INHALATION || The fastest of the three methods, inhalation. The molecules of essential oils have been found to cross the blood brain barrier, reaching the olfactory receptors, then the limbic system and finally the entire nervous system. Which means breathing essential oils in can benefit the entire body at a cellular level, by doing what comes naturally!

|| TOPICALLY || Oils have been used for centuries, from the embalmers of Egypt to the Wise Men on the Silk Roads to modern day Mama’s in their homes. The skin is our largest organ, and it benefits massively from essential oils. A little Frankincense in your night cream, a little lemon oil on your cracked heels, and a little peppermint over an achey tummy. Absorbption is fast, so the thinner the skin the more carrier oil that is needed. Regrdless, essential oils applied tot he skin carry a myriad of benefits.

|| INGESTION || This is one that can cause some controversy. Traditionally essential oils are rarely ingested. However, this is mainly down to the suspect quality of many products perporting to be ‘pure essential oils’ in the market place. Young Living are the only essential oil brand to carry a Plus range of oils which are deemed suitable for ingestion. Now whilst I personally do not advocate the dropping of neat oil in your mouth, there are definite benefits to adding the Plus oils to honey, sugar or in a capsule with carrier oil before ingesting. Lemon+ dropped into honey and hot water is an ideal hot drink, as is a drop of peppermint in sugar added to a peppermint tea. The benefits to your wellbeing are immense, and when used, as with all things, sensibly can bring benefits to your daily routines.

|| THE WHY ||

With over 20 years experience in ethical, sustainable farming, harvesting and distillation of oils, Young Living have become worls leaders in their field. Renowened for producing the purest, unadulterated oils on the market, they really do go the extra mile.

Each therapeutic grade oil has a history which can be traced back to it’s origins thanks to their “Seed to Seal” guarantee. They build relationships with their farms, not just landing business deals. This is why so many farms across the globe have partnered exclusively with Young Living. They are ethical, sustainable producers who have everyone from the grower to the consumer at the heart of what they do. How many other companies do you know that would let their customers go help bring in the harvest or even tell them where their farms are?


I will be sharing lots of posts about our oily journey going forward. Some of these posts will include general information, usage, recipes and any other benefits we as a family have experienced using Young Living oils.

Already the benefits are making me wonder why we never did this sooner!

If you would like any more information please message me, oilylife@wifemotherlife.co.uk, I would love to talk to you and share our experiences.

Alternatively if you are ready to get stuck in with your own Premium Starter Kit (which is where our journey began) you can purchase one here. I highly recommend you take up the free membership while you are there, as this will give you access to whole sale prices, the opportunity to create a monthly wellness subscription box that suits your budget and of course the great products available from Young Living. Oh and did I mention access to the most amazing bunch of oil lovers? You will be invited to join the Bloom Team, who will offer you support and encouragement alongside my individual support as your develop your own journey into oily life.