I recently went to the bridal shower of the most lovely young lady from church. She has been through trauma with crohn’s disease and still managed to have the biggest smile on her face.
We had vintage tea cups, plenty of tea, cakes, food and proper belly chuckles at her shower. We were then asked to grab a gift tag and write our marriage advice for the couple. Some pondered and some wrote hilarious anecdotes. Mine was simple … always write date nights in pen!
 Before Phil and I were married we talked through so many things. From where to live to asking questions about having more children. We talked about everything! We even talked about the importance and practicalities of maintaining our husband/wife relationship and losing it to children or ministry responsibilities. We kept a calendar and diary with all our appointments, most of them written in pencil, expect date nights. These sacred times were and still are written in pen.
It doesn’t matter if the date is a dinner out or a meal for £10 in, it gets written in pen for once every month. We’ve even written in a date night with sweeties, our favourite tipple and a new movie on demand. Regardless our time together is treated with the reverence it deserves, the sanctity of our marriage is precious to us and we make the effort for each other.
So if you don’t already do it, write your date night in pen, at least once a month, even if it’s a takeaway and a movie. Just make sure the kids are in bed and you make that effort for each other. It matters!
Sophie x

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