Hey there, welcome to my little corner of the internet.

My name is Sophie and as you will find out I do indeed wear many hats – wife, mother, step mother, daughter, sister, aunty, worker bee, general life administrator for seriously disorganised people and professional procrastinators.

Off the blog I live in the beautiul county of Worcestershire, sharing my life with husband Phil, two aspie’s Ells (15) and Cal (5), and the odd invasion of my three grown step sons. Yep that’s seven of us all crammed into a three bed terrace and very thankful for open spaces a stones through away.

Whilst I love my children deeply, I have a thing for the sea and you will find us heading towards the edge of our island as often as we can. It helps having friends and family living by the coast as an excuse to escape the landlock every now and then.

I also have a penchant for interiors, and can often be found faffing with the dresser, flowers, cushions, picture frames and other pretties that make the man in my life groan incredulously. Pretty sure he loves it really, and he knew what he was getting me into well before we even got married.

As a child jet setter I have seen much of the world, but small people and lack of funds have kept us pretty much grounded for a while, although my wanderlust seems to be rubbing off on him in doors. So after a whirlwind trip to Belfast this year we are already looking at Edinburgh, Spain and beyond – we also buy Gin from wherever we go too, becuase it’d be rude not to!

So I hope you stick around to share in our journey of life as we evolve and grow, rolling with the punches and hitting the beach at every possible opportunity.

Thanks for stopping by,


Sophie x