The past few months have been intense. Like really intense. I wrote a could do list a few months back and to be honest is kind of got lost a little in the chaos of the ‘to do’ list fulfilling. I did manage to check a couple of things of both lists mind, but nowhere near as many as I wanted to do. Still the point of the ‘could do’ list is not how many you check off but more that you make the time to do any at all. Or at least that’s what I have been telling myself anyway!

And so to April, which I cannot believe we are in already. The second quarter of the year seems scary to me, in the sense of how rapidly we arrived here and how close the midpoint is too. So with the hubbub of Easter done, and a little exploring weeking in Plymouth too, it is time for me to take a few minutes to think about the things I would like to make space for this month.

My April Could Do List

Travel somewhere new.

Now this is already booked in and I will be honest I am already a bag of excitable nerves over traveling with two kids. We are taking our children on their first flight, and whilst it is only to Belfast we are all super excited about it. My hope is that my anxiety at the airport doesn’t override their excitement. It is also somewhere I have never been before, so a ‘new’ for all of us.


Now this is definitely one I have let slip of late, and probably why my anxiety has risen as much as it has. My hair is a state and my eczema is all over my face like scales. The obvious signs of a lack of self-care and to be fair probably the easiest thing to do on my ‘could do’ list this month. I would love to book a massage in, perhaps a facial too, but I would be happy for a long shower on my own uninterrupted, or even just my nails painted up pretty. Regardless I would like time for a little pamper I think, and I have plenty of time when the kids are back at school for this one.

Be Still.

I am so busy in my thoughts and in my daily life I hardly ever just sit still and ‘be’. I can’t be the only one surely? But there I am scratting around finding something to do. It is vaguely ridiculous some days as I am completely exhausted and need to chill the heck out, and so it is on my list as a reminder. To sip a cuppa whilst thinking of nothing more than cloud shapes in the sky – weather permitting of course.

Get Outdoors.

Our new National Trust cards came in the post the other week and I really should make the most of them this holiday. We have wellies and raincoats, and I think a wonder around some beautiful gardens would do us all good. A good dose of vitamin D (weather permitting), fresh air and another excuse to practice with my camera.

Lie In.

Now our son gets up at around 5am to 6am every single day. Regardless is up at the crack of dawns buttocks and if we happen to still be in bed he creeps in to warm his cold feet on my back! I would love a lie in with a hot cuppa, sunshine pouring through the window and no rush to go anywhere or referee any sibling squabbles. That would be very nice!

And so that’s it. That is the sum total of my April ‘could do’ list. What would be on yours? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Sophie x

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