I left off in the 3rd lockdown, and I hadn’t had the heart or head space to touch my blog since then. A lot has changed since then. My job, my business, our home circumstances and location even. I don’t think I can cram everything into a single post here, so I am not going to even attempt it. However, I do think we are long overdue for a quick catch up together.

Lets look back on the last 12 months, which have been wild enough all on their own, and tie in nicely with Easter around the corner. A significant anniversary for us as we decided to deregister our youngest from mainstream school to home educate him. Not a decision we made lightly, as there was a very big cost associated with heading down that pathway. We then packed up our home in suburban Worcestershire and moved into the Cotswolds. Not a million miles from where we were but definitely more rural and tucked away from a busy town life.

As we approach Easter, with all its spiritual meaning, I am taking time to breathe and reflect on the journey we have been on. I don’t think we are in our forever home just yet, but I do think we are here for a purposeful season. We are learning that isolation strips back the walls like nothing else. Which some days is a cathartic process and other days a painful one. I am also reflecting on the sacrifices made. My business, which I loved dearly but couldn’t continue to pursue with our son at home full time, or with a move so far from my treatment room. Packing that wonderful space up was bitter sweet to say the least. I cried at the loss of my own dream, whilst giving thanks for the chance to see that I could grow a successful business.

As the year went on, we slowly began to find our groove again, and then Christmas. Which brings its own version of chaos doesn’t it? I will be honest we lost our way entirely over the festive period, with worries over the cost of living, making sure we had food in, learning what it took to actually warm up our new home. It felt like a lot. It was a lot!

And now to the end of March and the beginning of spring. We have done a full year of big decisions, and I am very ready for some gentler, warmer, sunnier days.

It is a short and sweet update for my tiny space, but hopefully it has been enough to let you have a sliver of insight as to where we have been the past couple of years.

Have a great day and I will endeavour to return here soon!

Sophie x

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