I am the weirdo who likes to have everything laid out ready over Christmas. I even design a Christmas menu and print it out, and this year it even got laminated! I know, it’s quite sad sounding but I absolutely love doing it. And secretly I think everyone else likes it too.

So here is our Christmas Day menu, you may find inspiration from it or not, you may just be nosey (like me) and want to see what we will be eating, regardless enjoy!

Christmas Menu

A quick explanation of some of the things on the menu:

Dubai breakfast hails from when we lived in Dubai as kids. My Dad would nip out and grab some freshly baked baguettes, cut them into thirds and then slice them open length ways. He would then stuff them with smoked bacon, fried mushrooms and a big fried egg with a runny yolk. The mixture of hot bacon, runny egg and warm crunchy bread is heavenly! Throw on some brown sauce and my mouth is already watering just thinking about it!! It is a treat and not had nearly often enough either.

With two autistic children at home we have to maintain a regular routine even on Christmas day. So the youngest will have a little bit of scrambled egg on toast for breakfast or porridge and then at lunch time he has a ham or jam sandwich. Regardless that is what he has. We have tried to change it around and he just doesn’t cope, so for our own sanity he has a sandwich and we chill still full from breakfast.

We open the presents between breakfast and lunch, and no the kids don’t mind waiting, in fact they prefer it. It gives them chance to take in the piles of presents under the tree too. We dish the presents out into piles and then all take it in turns to open a gift. It helps keep them calm and focused on one thing at a time. It also helps with taking photos and clearing the paper away.

Christmas Dinner will be around 5.30pm/6pm, which is usually when we sit down on a normal day to eat. Because the kids have had the afternoon to fully investigate all their toys they both eat a lot better. It also means I don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen cooking until I collapse into a turkey coma!

As for Boxing Day, well we keep it pretty simple after the feasting of Christmas Day. Eggy boats and bacon for breakfast and then a Smorgasbord for the rest of the day. Nothing too rich, just cold meats, a cheese board (I will have some vegan cheeses to munch on), pickles and yummy roasted new potatoes. We will also have my Mum over Boxing Day, so undoubtedly we will also be slicing into our Christmas Cake for good measure.

So that’s it! That is our Christmas menu. Is there anything on there you would give a try? What does your menu look like?


Sophie x

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