When we were little my Mum never got us a chocolate advent. December 1st saw the three of us deciding whos turn it was to open the first door on a card advent calendar, there was always an argument as to who went first and lots of finger counting to see how many doors we would each get to open. The calendar was always shared between the three of us. The card calendar Mum bought was so that she could randomly close one of the doors effectively delaying Christmas! We would go to bed in anticipation of Christmas Eve only to wake up to a small gift in a special pillow case on the end of our beds.

It made Christmas that little bit more magical!

Now our kiddos have chocolate advents and they have one each. The youngest is gleefully unaware of what day it is. So with the cooperation of the teenager, today is the first of December. Christmas Day will come as a surprise when he realises Father Christmas has been earlier than he thought, and the magic will be perfectly preserved for our last baby.

Sure it’s a little fib, and I could totally justify it all with the fact he doesn’t cope well with being over excited. And how I’m putting his needs first, blah, blah, but honestly I just want to hear that little squeal of wonderment Christmas morning as he rushes into our room to tell Santa has been.

I never experienced any of that with my eldest. She never bought into the man in the red suit! First school was tricky when Santa came to class, quick chats with her teacher where we all agreed to not ruin the surprise for others with pantomime worthy winks. She went along with it all for the sake of her friends. She helped keep the magic alive for others without sacrificing her own beliefs. She was more enammered by the birth of Jesus, that for her was more magnificent than the man with a bag coming down a chimney. I loved and encouraged her, and never felt like she missed out on the magic of Christmas. An angel left her a gift every year, and every year she thanked Jesus for the gift of life, for the gift of His life for us. She floored me with her faith, even when she was 3 years old like her brother is now.

As for her brother, well he likes Santa and we are going with it. He loves Jesus and often tells people that’s who he is going to see on a Sunday. He goes to see Santa and tells him everything his little heart desires and he gives his thanks to Jesus for everything in his little world. We will indulge in this as long as we can. He is our last baby, and like most with their last one we want it go on as long as we can!

So happy December 1st! May the joy of this season warm your heart and wonderment fill your children’s memories.

Sophie xx

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