2015 went by so fast and I cannot believe we are already saying hello 2016! It felt like it went past in a blur and it’s hard to remember everything that went on.

There were a few changes to our lives, the biggest of them was moving church last Easter. I cannot believe we have been in our new church family for 9 months! It took a while but we feel very settled and content, and we love the warm welcome we have received from the family there. Although a very difficult decision, one we prayed over for a long time, we thank God for His reassurance that we are in the right place for our family at this time. Confirmation is a wonderful thing, and something that so often brings us great comfort on our journey through life with Christ.

Our children have come on so much this year. The youngest with the most noticeable changes as he transitions from toddler to little boy. His funny little ways and infectious giggle have helped sustain us through some difficult times, he is such a blessing to us. Our daughter has blossomed into an amazing young lady, and I look forward to – if not a little hesitantly – to her continued growth into womanhood. My three step sons make my heart smile every time I think of them. All three gentle giants with tender hearts like their Dad. I am so privileged to be in these young men’s lives, watching from the side lines as they each come into their own. I swell with pride over all five of them, and cannot believe I get to walk life’s path with them all.

For 2016 Phil and I have made our plans and handed them over to God. We don’t make resolutions, it’s too easy to break them within a day of making them. These plans are more goals we hope to achieve throughout the year, and can be added to along the way. Who knows, we may manage all the ones on there before summer arrives! I can hope right?!

I have no idea what the year ahead has in store for us, but I am looking forward to finding out!

Happy New Year!

Sophie xx


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