This is us, and my first post joining The Me & Mine Project, I hope you enjoy having a read!

April has been a busy month, with Easter, bonnet making, two weeks of school holidays, a bedroom makeover and a birthday or four – I’m quite amazed we have made it to the end of it one piece. Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to…

Me …

Getting stuck into my new job and reading up on all the NHS policies has had me pretty busy to be honest! I felt a revival in passion for writing, hence getting back in the saddle as it were. Slowly but surely I have been making my way through The Gilmore Girls, on Netflix, although I haven’t had heaps of spare time to do this in peace! The highlight of this month was definitely a combination of Mr J’s birthday celebrations, getting Ells formal diagnosis after nearly three years of being in the system and going to Couhgton Court. All three milestones within their own right and definitely worth celebrating!

Mr J …

Loved celebrating his birthday in style at our local Beefeater.  He wanted a quiet dinner with just the four of us, and ended up with the entire restaurant singing ‘happy birthday’ to him as he turned a rather fetching shade of red. He has enjoyed reading ‘Unlocking the Bible’ by David Pawsan. It is a beast of a book, and he has just made it the New Testament, but is learning a lot so it’s all good. Chris Tomlin and Rend Collective have filled his playlists whilst out on the road at work. He has started to watch Iron Fist, on Netflix, which he grew up reading the graphic novels for. Over Easter Mr J enjoyed spending several half days off work looking after the kids, with the highlight being our trip to Coughton Court on Easter Monday.

Ells …

Has been continuing with her piano lessons and is coming on really well. She is a total book worm to be fair and devours books quicker than most people can finish a coffee! She has read ‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir, ‘Rumple Stiltskin’ by The Brothers Grimm and ‘OINK! My life with mini pigs’ by Matt Whyman.  The highlight of the month for her was probably the Easter break as she got to spend time with both myself and her dad while we shared out child care cover. Ells loved having Mr J come home at lunch time and take them out to the park, and no doubt spoil them just a little!

Cal …

He has also grown into the next size up in clothing too! We had to buy him a load of new clothes in size 5-6 years – he was 4 at the beginning of February! He has been loving bedtime stories with his big sister, as she has been reading him endless Thomas stories. He is weirdly into ‘My Little Pony’ at the moment, specifically Rainbow Dash. The highlight for Cal was probably the Easter break. That and going to Coughton Court and having a picnic in the boot of the car. He has since asked every day since to do it again!

So that’s us for April. Two weeks of balancing work and child care, spending time with our kids, and joining the National Trust.

May is already shaping up to be a busy one. Ells birthday is in the middle of May and she has exams that week bless her. I still have no clue what to do for her special day either! What do you get a 14 year old nowadays anyway?

I hope you enjoyed reading what we got up to and some of the things we liked most this month. Let me know how your April turned out, I would love to hear from you.


Sophie x

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