Our weekend has been a funny one. Time seems to have been slowed and stretched at the same time. I’m not complaining because we got loads done! I might be the only one who usually finds I wake up Saturday, blink and find it’s already Sunday night. But this weekend has been wonderfully slow and relaxed.


Saturday morning, the first official day of the Easter holidays, we managed a lie in – unheard of in our house as the youngest is usually up at an ungodly hour. Ells took him down stairs and sorted his breakfast before putting TinyPop on for him. It was 9am before Mr J and I swung our legs out from under our duvet and set about the day.

Saturday morning usually sees the two of us compiling the weekly shopping list and meal plan before heading out to Aldi and Tesco whilst munching on tea and toast. We finished in record time and even had all the bags unloaded and put away before half 11! With the sun shining and it feeling so warm we spontaneously decided to head to the park with a picnic for a couple of hours.

We’re lucky in that there are a few parks locally we can choose from, each offering something a little different. We opted for the one in the fields with the play area, and to our surprise it was fairly empty. Bonus for us as we had our pick of picnic Tables. We fed the kids before sending them off to run wild and free in the sunshine.

It was so relaxing. I mean lean back and breathe level relaxing. Time felt like it was hardly advancing forward. I thought we had been there a few hours but it had only been just under 2. The sky was gloriously blue making the trees and their blossoms really stand out against their azure background.

You know sometimes you get a thought stuck in your head and you just have to do it? Mr J dreads those moments! He groans in protest but I think he secretly loves it too, a bit pleasure/pain theory. I suddenly decided I needed flowers in the garden. Now our garden has been flowerless a good couple of years and it has never bothered me. But today I needed to be able see something pretty. We went to our local B&M Bargains to see what they’d got and after an hour (ok 2 hours!) I settled on some galvanised tin troughs and violas.

Ells hates violas, she says she feels like they are watching her and she still hides her face when we walk past the in bloom. It’s funny but I love them. We popped them in the garden so I could plant them up Sunday. Mr J at this point was adamant he wasn’t going to help me, he did in the end though.

After we got home we grabbed the garden furniture from its winter haven in the garage. Ells gave it all a good clean down before we sat outside to enjoy the remnants of sun before it dipped beneath the rooflines. I do love the sunshine.

The kids decided they were both pretty tired and so went to bed at the same time. This left me and Mr J at a loose end to be honest. We have Netflix thankfully, and neither of us had seen The Maze Runner. We threw on our pjs, grabbed a drink, a bit of chocolate, pulled blankets over ourselves and settled down for the movie. It was quite intense in parts; my heart was going like the clappers at several points! Needless to say we both went to bed feeling happy, tired and very content.



Sundays are always a bit of a rush. We go to church and invariably Cal kicks off over which shoes he supposed to be wearing and what food/drink I’m taking for him for afterwards. The boy never stops thinking about food and he is always hungry!

Church was amazing. We had such a ‘now’ word that gave me goosebumps. The power of His presence is wonderful and I have to say going to worship God and catch up with my Church Mummies is usually the highlight of my week. I love it.

Although saying that Cal usual becomes slightly feral as he runs around with all the boys like lunatics escaping the asylum. Us Mummies chat with one eye on the conversation and the other on our manic children. Invariable conversations have been cut short with a ‘hang on’ and a mad dash to go grab a child who has either snatched a biscuit, thumped someone else, fallen over or is attempting to clamber into the drum kit! This is why we love our connect group meets once a month. Cake we don’t have to share, hot tea and uninterrupted chat. It’s great.

Anyway back to Sunday and the short journey home with a sweaty headed shattered little boy in the car. Which lasted until the engine went off and he was raring to go again! I made us all lunch up and we sat in the garden to lunch al fresco. Again it felt so relaxing to just be in the sunshine, with no ‘to do’ list looming over us.

After lunch Mr J and the kids helped weed the patio, sweep up and plant my pretty violas out. They all enjoyed it to be honest, and I could see the cogs in hubby’s head turning as he contemplated what else we could put in the garden. I know he has always wanted to grow tomatoes, so this coming week I might get one of those polythene greenhouse thingies that are the size of a grow bag for him with tomato and cucumber plants in. He even suggested growing strawberries in baskets too. I’ll make a gardener of the man yet!

The rest of the day was a relaxed affair. Dinner, tidy up, showers, pjs, kids to bed and us watching Apollo 13 on DVD. Did you know that film was 1995?! It is 22 years old! Depressing isn’t it, I was 15 when it was released. Ugh.


Was the sun shining where you are? I would love to hear what you got up to with your family this weekend.


Sophie x



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