Well after the first meal plan went out I had lovely feedback from some of you fabulous people. So I thought what theck, I do a meal plan regardless every single week and it doesn’t take too much to get it up on here to share with you. If it means one Mummy has one less thing to dothis weekend then I will be more than happy with that.

For those who signed up to my newsletter, you will have already had the meal plan and shopping list land in your inbox yesterday. For those who haven’t signed up yet it may well be worth your while to get some previews and behind the look details of whats happening on the blog.

Now I have said it before and I will say it again, meal planning saves time and more importantly money! You can eat like kings on a relatively modest amount of money. The main reason you will save money on a weekly meal plan is because you aren’t having to think of a weeks worth of dinners whilst cruising the supermarket aisles, and you won’t have to make several further trips through the week to get the stuff you ‘forgot’. For us we head to the supermarket once a week and that is it! We get everything we need for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks for the whole week in one go. Boom! Lifesaver, because none of us really love going to the supermarket really, well unless it is to the coffee shop for a slice of cake.

Meal Plan 2

As before, just hit the picture above to download the meal plan and click here for the shopping list.

A few tips about this weeks dinners:

Risotto – follow the instructions on the packet until you have stirred in 2-3 cups of fluid. Once it has been absorbed pour the rest of the stock in and simmer until al dente and all the fluid has been absorbed. Now to get it creamy all you need to do is put a tablespoon of butter in and beat like there’s no tomorrow. It will take a minute but you should start to see stringy almost cheese like sauce around the edge of the pan. Stir in some parmesan and you are good to serve it straight away. This is how I do risotto every time and it always turns out perfect. It also impresses the pants off dinner guests too.

Cheats Onion Gravy – I love onion gravy when we have sausage and mash, but making it from scratch is an utter pain in the backside! So how we cheat our way to the tastiest gravy is to add a tablespoon of onion marmalade or chutney to your usual instant. Honestly the best thing you can do for your bangers!

Picky Eaters? – Now my kids are for the most part not fussy eaters, however they have all had their phases with the youngest still being in it a little. One way I get around it is to hide veg wherever I can. Lasagne is the perfect meal option to do just that. I whip my food processor out and grate carrots, courgette, celery, leeks, mushrooms, whatever I have to hand, and saute it with the mince. Once you have added the pasatta and chopped tomatoes it makes for a really rich sauce that is full of goodness and your kids will never know!

Lamb Shanks – now these are ideal for the slow cooker. A couple of oxo cubes, mint sauce and a splash or Worcestershire Sauce, water to cover the meat and cook on low for a good 6-8 hours. They will be ‘fall of the bone’ good!

So there you have it, this weeks meal plan complete with handy hints for making the most out of your dinners.

Don’t forget to let me know if you give the meal plan or even just one of the dinners a go. I love getting feedback from you, so leave a comment below or tag me in your social posts.

Sophie x


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    1. Oh it is so good! My lot literally clap their hands when lamb goes on the menu haha. And the onion gravy was one of those ‘wonder what that’ll taste like’ moments haha xx

    1. Thanks lovely, I usually have to do it after I’ve had dinner otherwise I end up snooping for snacks haha xx

    1. They are my absolute favourite Sunday dinner. Love it when they are available at our local butchers x

    1. Do! Honestly a massive headache saver. And indeed lamb shanks are the best! Xx

    1. Haha you’re most welcome to Maria! I always make a massive one too so there’s leftovers in the freezer xx

    1. I do the same! Got some amazing recipe ideas from this great online community xx

    1. The first time I made it ‘properly’ it ended up like rice soup haha, this way never fails and it comes out some creamy xx

  1. I’m definitely going to try the slow cooker lamb! It sounds delicious! I always prefer meat when it’s been slow cooked.

  2. This sounds like a lovely week of meals. I do a plan every week but it’s getting more and more difficult as the children do so many things after school that I quite often plan a meal and then there’s nobody actually home to eat it!

  3. Ah the joys of being Mum Taxi haha. On busy nights I do dinners that are ‘eat when you’re ready’, chilli con carne is always a winner for that with a jacket xx

  4. Mouthwatering plan – I’ve never actually had colcannon but have seen more mentions of it recently so perhaps we’ll give it a try. Love the gravy tip too!

    1. It’s a really great one to add a bit of leek in too. I steam the cabbage and leek while the potatoes cook. After mashing the potatoes I add a tablespoon of flora before the cabbage and leek. You can even add a bit of cream or grated cheese to really jazz it up too xx

    1. Do it Katy! Honestly you won’t regret it! They are delicious … unless you’re vegan of course haha xx

  5. I did NOT know that about risotto! I will definitely be trying the butter/cheese and beating trick. Thanks so much for linking up to The Meal Planning Linky.

    1. I read about it years ago and every time Ido it the risotto goes so creamy, it’s delicious. Let me know how you get on with it 😉 x

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