I have shared previously how we do our meal planning. To be honest this is one area we saved the most money over the course of a month. We set a budget of approximately £120 per week, which may seem a lot but trust me when it comes to being ‘free from’ it is not come cheap! We also make most of our meals from scratch, because my hubby is allergic to MSG. You would be amazed at how many foods contain it in some form or another.


Anyway, enough waffle, you’ve come for the meal plan for the coming week and here it is in all its glory!

Now you are welcome to download the PDF to print, I keep ours on our fridge. Just click the image above and follow the instructions. There is also a handy shopping list you can download, as we have a few favourite ingredients to go with our meal options.


Saturday we are actually out for dinner, a belated birthday celebration for our youngest who was ill on his big day. So I have swapped it for what we would be having had we been at home! In reality we will be out bowling and heading to a restaurant for a special treat.


Meal Plans are a great time saver, and if this helps you out of having to worry over next weeks dinners let me know in the comments below.


Now enjoy your weekend knowing your meals are sorted for next week!


Sophie x


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