This weekend was a bit of a bust as we had planned to head on over to Wales to see our yummiest of friends, however the snow and storm Emma put a stop to that! So we ended up bunkered in, and rearraged the living room instead. Obviously Phil loved doing that haha. And so to the coming weeks meal plan for you.

If you haven’t already noticed we try to keep things varied especially with the carbs. We have been guilty of getting in a bit of a rut as far as carbs go, so we have been trying to keep things mixed up. This week we have factored in a cheeky takeaway, yes you can plan them into your meal plan! Who knew right? So there are two opportunities this week for you to swap a meal out for takeaway. You can either swap the black bean noodles out for Chinese (which is what we will be doing) or the fish and chips for the chippie. This still helps with budgeting because you can factor in the cost of that takeaway in place of buying that meals components. Cool hey.

Anyway back to the business of meal planning and here is this weeks menu.

Meal Plan 3

Click on the image for your downloadable or right here. You can also download and print off your shopping list right here. Go through the list, cross out what you already have in the cupboards and then head to the shops, simple!

Some hints about this weeks menu:

Chicken Pie is always a winner, you can add mash or to keep the carbs lower just add veg, you’ll be surprised how filling it is with just that. Also I have a recipe to make the our favourite chicken pie.

Chilli Con Carne is a great time saver, tastes great and goes with just about anything! There’s my slow cooker chilli con carne recipe right here.

Slow Cooker Cola Gammon is just that! Slow cooked gammon joint with coke and a couple of cloves. Leave it in there all day on low or about 3-4 hours on high before carving it up. Great with creamy mashed potatoes and cauliflower cheese. Make sure to use a full strength cola as it’ll be less likely to react adversley with the heat. Use a smoked gammon joint for best results and add a slug of maple syrup to make it really special!

That’s it! Have a great week ahead, and let me know if you use the meal plans in the comments below. Also check out the tab above for previous meal plans which can be used any time.


Sophie x

Taking the stress out of meal planning with this easy free printable from wife|mother|life

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  1. I’ve never made a homemade pie. But if I did, it would be chicken. Inspiration might strike soon, but right now it’s boiling hot here so we’re sticking to salads and lighter meals.

    1. They are just so quick to make up aren’t they, and pretty filling too x

  2. We regularly have chilli…it’s such an easy time saver meal! I really want to try a slow cooked cola gammon and I did try it once but it dried up completely and the top burnt! I think I might need to invest in a new slow cooker!

    1. We use a big bottle of cola and cover it in the liquid and pop it on low, but then we have a massive slow cooker! If you do try it let me know how you get on! Maybe top the fluids with a bit of stock as the day goes on? xx

  3. Yum! I love the slow cooker for weeknight meals. I didn’t know you could add takeaways to a meal plan! Genius.

    1. Yes of course you can plan in takeaways! All saves on the budget as you don’t end up buying two meals, and we even plan in dinner out too 😉 xx

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