It is that time of the week again! Our meal plan was actually done last night as we are heading to Ikea tomorrow in the hope of finally organising the boys Lego collection! So the weekly shop was done solo today ready for next week’s dinners.

The next week is a busy one for us, with a bit of life coaching going on for me and Ells has piano. And to be honest I wanted a bit of a gentle week food wise, nothing too faffy or rich! So here is next week’s Meal Plan ready for you to download, just click on the link here or the picture below. The shopping list can be downloaded too.

Meal Plan 4

FYI if you ever want to find all the meal plans shared so far you can head to The Vault where all the downloadables are now homed.

As usual here are some helpful hints to help you with the meal plan!

Naan Bread Pizzas – these make ideal readymade pizza bases. Grab some tomato paste, Italian seasoning and a splash of balsamic for a quick pizza sauce. Then let everyone throw on their own toppings. I get the grated mozzarella (dairy free for me and the boy from Tesco) shove it in a bowl and they all have fun making their own. Their favourite topping is pepperoni, and us grown-ups like a bit of spicy chorizo! 15 mins in the oven for the perfect quick dinner.

Savoury Rice – This is basically rice with whatever you fancy in it! We shove a load of veg and may or may not have meat with it. Depends how we feel to be honest. You can go as basic or as exotic as you fancy!

‘Brinner’ – Ok so this is pretty self-explanatory. It is essentially breakfast for dinner. The full monty! This is probably one of my husbands favourite dinners after steak. We have a little bacon, sausage, fried egg, baked beans, mushrooms and sometimes tinned plum tomatoes. This is a pretty low carb dinner for us as we don’t add any potatoes, although Phil and Ells usually have a peace of toast too because they’re always hungry haha.

Pesto – It is amazing how many uses this one ingredient has. Smear it over your chicken breast before you bake it for a really tasty chicken dinner.

Sirloin – there is a secret to getting your steak perfect everytime, and it is literally n your hands. Make sure your pan is smoking hot before putting the steak in and cook for at least 5 minutes on each side. To get it to how you like it, use your left hand pinching your thumb to the following fingers, and pressing on the flashy part of your hand beneath your thumb: Index = rare, Middle = medium-rare, Ring = medium, Pinky = well done.

That’s it! I hope you continue to enjoy these meal plans, and if you have any suggestions of meals for me to try out let me know in the comments down below.

See you soon,


Sophie x


Meal Plan 4

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