There’s no doubt I have a fiery temper when pushed too far, we’ve all reached that point of seeing red over something, but this is not a post about that. It’s all about my hair!

Yes superficial and shallow though it is, changing ones hair colour can be wildly uplifting, liberating or heart breaking. I’ve experienced all of these in my time of colouring my hair. From white blonde all the way through to Mortisha Addams blue black hair. It’s been pixie cut and all the way down to my waist with all lengths in between.
The fact is my hair reflects who I am at that moment. I change with the wind, a whim and I like my hair to feel like it represents me.
Currently I’m growing my hair out and to be honest it’s at a nice short bob length. It’s super easy to manage and until recently was a very light blonde. I liked the playfulness of the blonde, the softness of the colour and how it made me feel when I first had it done.
In January I started singing lessons, my decision to step out of comfort zones and push myself to be more confident in who I am.
It started to work! I felt more confident in meetings at work, at church, in social situations. I felt like I could finally start letting my guards down and just be myself. Small but massive at the same time.
After being blonde for over a year I spontaneously decided to change things up!
I wanted my hair to reflect me – vibrant and confident me! I’m naturally quite a mousy colour with a shimmer of red through my hair. So every colour I’ve had has ended up some shade of red, so I decided to just go with it.
To transition from blonde/bleach to any brown colour you need to use a red tone anyway, or you run the risk of ending up with an unflattering green tinge to your hair. So to start I used a mahogany colour to give my brown dye something to latch on to. It went pretty bright red to be honest! So when I added the red/brown colour it stayed pretty red.
Was that the intention – not really! But it’s a happy accident that’s left me with a colour I actually really like. Yes I was aiming for a deep brown with red hues, I ended up with a very rich deep red instead. It’s loud for sure and a total contrast to the bleached blonde, but it reflects the more confident version of me! I’ve embraced the inner fiery red head and I’m kinda liking rocking the red.
So for now I’m a freckled red head, and that’s ok with me.
Embrace who you are.
Don’t be afraid to express who you are.
Don’t fall in to being who you think others want you to be.
You’re unique, original, ever changing, ever growing, embrace that and let yourself shine – even if that means you see red ♥️
Be the authentic masterpiece you were created to be.
Sophie x

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