We are in windy Devon this week and next for some much needed down time. A holiday we booked last year and have been praying to be able to come on all year. Regardless we have had such good weather so far, and I thought I would share a few things we have done so far, this past week.

It feels like an eternity since I was last able to sit down a blog anything at all!

This year it seems to have taken a pandemic, lockdown and forced rest to get me to slow down and smell the roses. Or as in this week, the sea spray!


All the walking. We are near Woolacombe, so it is an ideal place to park up for the day and go for a wander. We have walked up the hill to Barricane Beach, down the coastline to Putsborough, all around Ilfracombe and down into the sea at Woolacombe beach. I had to nip into a shop to get some proper walking trainers as my feet were not coping in my usual pumps. But it has been so good to stretch our legs and, with the help of Storm Ellen, blow the cobwebs away.


We hired a beach hut from Park In Estates for our first few days here and it was just what we needed. We had at least three days of total rest and relaxation in our little hut at the beginning of our holiday. The kids loved being able to run down to the sea and back. I loved having a little haven away from the growing crowds. And Phil enjoyed building sandcastles too! We literally barely moved for three days as we slowed down and began to unwind from the hustle of working life back home.


Aside from the restful sound of the waves rushing up the shore, and now the wind howling down the chimney, hearing the kids laughing has been wonderful. Much better than the usual bickering which has intermittently still been our daily soundtrack, the happy sounds have taken over. I have also enjoyed catching up on a few podcasts whilst away. I have listened to Michelle Obama and Amy Landino’s Detail Therapy. They are both so easy to listen to and I love what they both offer me in terms of food for thought.


We organised for our first week to be covered by our weekly Hello Fresh box. It arrived our first full day here and meant we did not need to go spend a fortune on food. We also found a few local places which offer some great vegan options, something we often look for due to mine and Callan’s dairy intolerances. The Beach Comber was our first stop and is somewhere we are planning to return to for vegan pancakes one morning this week. We also went to Joeys Gelato Parlour in Ilfracombe to get some vegan ice cream. So good. Another little place in Croyde also had vegan ice cream too. It is so unusual for places to serve it that Callan had his first ice cream cone in Ilfracombe, and it was messy because the poor kid had no idea how to eat one! Ellie’s favourite pit stops were the Pasty Shop on the harbour which did massive pasties, and a cute independent coffee shop called Fix. She loved the décor in there! She even gave me an insta-perfect pose too.


I booked us a slot at a local shop where we could paint ceramics. None of us had done this before, and I will be honest and say I was dubious as to whether they would enjoy it. We spent over 2 hours painting our ceramics and found it incredibly therapeutic. The cost was really reasonable in my opinion, especially when I saw all their faces when I handed them their fired creations. On a personal note, taping into my creativity was releasing and helped remind me of how important it is to make more time to do this when we get home.

So that is a summary of our week. I have shared so many pictures and stories on Instagram, so head over there to see much more. And let me know below how your week has been. What is one thing that you did this week that felt positive?

Sophie xx

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