We have friends and family who live a few hours away from us. My parents-in-love are down in Devon and my bestie is over in Wales. So we rack up the miles when we go visiting, plus it is usually a bit of an ordeal trying to get everyone ready and make sure we’ve got everything too. One thing I get ready the night before and shove in my handbag is my pouch of travel essentials.

The Pouch

First things first, my amazing cotton pouch is from Sundipped, which is also where I get my Peshtamal towels from too. It is small enough to fit into my handbag but still big enough to fit everything in that I need. I also have a second one that I use as a snack bag for the kids and it is perfect for travelling.

The Snacks

Ok so we shop at Aldi, because we like being savvy with our pennies. It is also one place I can get snacks for my dairy intolerant son without breaking the bank. My daughter loves the cereal bars from there too, as does Phil and so I can grab a load of them for lunch boxes and road trips. For the boy we get him apple and pear fruit bars, the fruit and grain bars for my girl and Phil likes a garibaldi. Cheap and not too messy in the car either.

All the Essential Oils

So I am on the verge of obsessive when packing oily support when we travel. As a child who threw up on pretty much every car journey going, the adult me likes to be prepared for every eventuality. These are my pack and go oils:

  1. Tummy support for after eating and travel sickness – DiGize and Peppermint
  2. Respiratory Support for those air conditioned hotel rooms – R.C. and Breathe Again roll on
  3. White Line fever and the odd bit of road rage – Valor and Stress Away
  4. Sleep support and  tantrum taming – Tranquil and Lavender
  5. Immune support because being stuck in a car with kids an all that – Immune Support blend of Thieves, clove, rosemary and lemon with a carrier oil, Lemon oil for sticky residues and to flavour our water, and finally hand sanitiser spray for post loo visits at the services

Hair Grips

So this is a bit random I know but there we go. I always have a hair band around my wrist and some grips in my bag because wind, rain, sea spray, eating dinner, whatever there is always an occasion where I need to pull my hair back out of my face. My daughter has quite long hair too so if we drive with the windows down, we can tie our hair back and not worry about choking on stray strands!

The Deodorant

Another odd one I know, but I am fast approaching 40 and I get HOT! There are times when I need to give my underarms a quick freshen up and there is absolutely no shame at all. I will do it in the services bathroom or right on that motorway if needed. I have enough to think about already without worrying about hormonal sweat sessions. Plus the Mountain Mint deodorant stick is amazing! When I get hot I can smell the mint and it instantly makes me feel a little fresher and calmer. It’s good stuff.

The Kindle Fire

Let’s face it; long car journeys are boring as anything, and when you can download a movie or two to watch off line, what is not to love? Add headphones and it means littles are entertained and we can relax in the front knowing exactly what they have access to. It also means we can have long chats without little ears flapping too.

So those are my travel essentials, and yes they all go in my hand bag, along with a charger cable for my phone and the tablet. I do not leave home without my little pouch of goodies and the kids know whatever their needs Mom has them covered.

It has really helped take the stress and pressure off long journeys to be honest, and I can’t imagine doing life without these essentials.

What are your travel essentials for long journeys with kids? Do you feel under prepared or over prepared? I’d love to hear what you do in the comments below.

Sophie xx

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